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If the client earns, then he takes money from this broker, so the Broker is not interested in teaching customers real trading and real market processes. We, on the contrary, trade against all and train our clients to trade in profit once and for life.

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We have more than 3000 Brokers in Russia, and the CBR's LICENSE for the conduct of its financial activity is available only to 8 Brokers throughout Russia.

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We will give you full support, give you a real understanding of market processes and the future will provide you with a full support...read more

Why we

It is generally accepted that the exchange, by concluding an agreement with a market maker, provides it with all information about traders' applications. And supposedly this is the advantage of the market maker (a.k.a. doll) before the usual traders. Like, the doll sees where our steps and stops, and does everything to inflict maximum damage to us and get the maximum profit at our expense. From time to time, exposing the take-profit and stop-loss, I wonder, is it? Take-profit and stop-loss are conditional orders. So, the exchange does not see them until the price reaches the mark indicated in the application. Until then, these applications (as well as all conditional requests for purchase and sale) are stored on the broker's server...read more

How does the market maker work?

As we mentioned above, both foreign and market makers on the Russian stock exchange can not simply take a price turn. However, they are able to push the price to the necessary level, bring it to the Cluster of Stop Losses, or change the figure, then work it out, of course, if this is in their interest. This means that, on the one hand, market makers act against the crowd, and at the same time, they need another half of the crowd, to push the price in the necessary direction...read more

How to make a profit

Most of the market loses money. Hence the meaning of the game is to understand in what direction the majority is open and at what levels at the current moment.

Do not trade the news and do not listen to analysts and do not watch the news of the economy and do not receive training from the Brokers.

What do we offer

A video course with a detailed description of all the rules of real trading without excess water, but only specifics, namely trade in ranges, in accumulation and fastening zones, in low-price areas, determination of 100% entry points, confident entry and exit, real understanding price and market processes and how to use it to profit from the market constantly...read more